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  • CNC machine industry application

    Equipped with ELESY AC servo system to realize CNC machine tools:
    High precision, fast response, wide speed range, low speed and high torque.

  • Textile machinery industry application

    Rewinding with ELESY servo products, each weft and weft density can be set, and it supports
    Synchronous weaving with variable weft density.Using electronic let-off, the response is sensitive
    and the tension is stable.

  • Rubber and plastic machinery industry application

    The injection molding machine equipped with the ELESY AC servo system saves 20%-80% energy than
    the ordinary injection molding machine.The high response frequency of the servo pump and the closed-loop
    control method enable the injection molding machine to obtain extremely high repeatability.

  • Robot industry application

    The power supply is convenient, the response is fast, and the driving force is
    large (the weight of the joint type has reached 400kg),Signal detection, transmission
    and processing are convenient, and a variety of flexible control schemes can be adopted.

  • Packaging machinery industry application

    The scheme is simple, the debugging is simple, and the constant tension control is basically not
    affected by the speed, which can realize high-speed slitting,It overcomes the inherent weakness of
    magnetic powder, makes the control of high-speed slitting a reality, and greatly improves the reliability of
    the equipment.

  • Glass machinery industry application

    Multiple sets of servo motor high-precision transmission, Ethernet bus control mode,
    touch computer screen data setting,Glass size positioning, Glass transportation speed,
    glass thickness adjustment, glass chamfering width are set with accurate data on the
    touch computer screen, and one-key synchronous operation.

  • Ceramic machinery industry application

    The intelligent grading brick machine is a new generation of high-quality brick automatic brick
    picking machine products, which is specially designed for ceramic tiles of ceramic enterprises.
    Used at the end of the tile production line to replace manual brick picking, handling and stacking equipment.

  • Other industry applications



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